Policy 2

Preserve and expand the range of housing types and ownership opportunities, such as owner/resident of multifamily building and housing cooperatives, at different price points ranging from workforce and affordable units to upper-income housing to reduce housing and transportation cost burdens.

  • HN2.1 - Adopt an inclusionary zoning ordinance to require market-rate housing projects set aside a percentage of units for low and moderate income household to create mixed-income communities. Units should be distributed within individual projects and the larger community to maximize their contributions to diversity and quality of life.
  • HN2.2 - Promote and support public-private partnerships, nonprofit housing providers, expand existing housing programs, and pursue state and federal funding to rehabilitate and maintain the County’s existing affordable housing stock.

  • HN2.3 - Support tools, such as residents’ right-of-first offer, that enable renters to individually purchase their units or collectively purchase their apartment buildings when faced with a condominium conversion.

  • HN2.4 - Target student housing at locations identified by the University of Maryland, Bowie State University, the City of College Park, and the State of Maryland in order to accommodate future demand and preserve existing neighborhoods.

  • HN2.5 - Revise and update the Zoning Ordinance to encourage a range of housing types and ownership opportunities.

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