Policy 6

Protect the character of historic, cultural, and scenic viewsheds.

  • HD6.1 - Utilize HARPP and other funding sources to protect key elements of historic viewsheds.

  • HD6.2 - Utilize scenic easement tax credits to protect historic viewsheds and vistas.

  • HD6.3 - Identify potential amendments to the County Code to protect the character of heritage corridors, significant viewsheds, and cultural landscapes, identified in the Historic Sites and Districts Plan and subsequent studies. Coordinate amendments with the update to the Zoning Ordinance.

  • HD6.4 - Implement the recommendations of the Croom and Aquasco Roads Scenic Byway Plan Elements: A Corridor Management Program for these roadways and other related Star-Spangled Banner historic roadways in Prince George’s County in coordination with state and federal partners.

  • HD6.5 - Support the Croom and Aquasco Roads Scenic Byway Advisory Committee.