Policy 12

Increase the residential and commercial recycling rate and reduce the amount of solid waste that goes to County landfills.

  • PF12.1 - Evaluate the Zoning Ordinance to remove impediments to the establishment of innovative recycling/recovery industries in industrial zones.
  • PF12.2 - Implement Pay-As-You-Throw, a pricing system where residents pay by the pound to dispose of household garbage. The goal is to encourage recycling and composting to extend the life of landfills.
  • PF12.3 - Establish composting pilot projects to reduce the amount of solid waste generated by organic materials, such as food scraps.
  • PF12.4 - Examine existing, or create new, guidelines and regulations, as warranted, regarding the type, size, and location of composting facilities, backyard composting, and curb-side yard and waste collection.
  • PF12.5 - Implement key recommendations from the Comprehensive Ten-Year Solid Waste Management Plan, including the construction of key facilities, evaluating rate structures and financing through the Solid Waste Enterprise Fund, expanding the types of recycling, and increasing private sector recycling and source reduction.