Policy 2

Expand and improve transit service, particularly on routes connecting Downtowns, the Innovation Corridor, and Regional Transit Districts in order to maximize the economic development potential and synergies between these areas.

  • TM2.1 - Invest in existing bus service and in new bus and light rail transit service to connect Downtowns, the Innovation Corridor, and Regional Transit Districts. Coordinate transit planning initiatives with local municipalities, the County, the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA), and the State of Maryland.

  • TM2.2 - Identify new transitway corridors that will support the Plan 2035 development priorities and amend the Master Plan of Transportation Transit Element to include the updated corridors. Concentrate medium- to high-density residential development along priority transit way corridors to provide the density necessary to sustain higher levels of rail and bus service.

  • TM2.3 - Implement the recommendations for MetroBus Priority Corridor Networks recommended in Momentum-The Next Generation of Metro (Strategic Plan 2013 to 2025) through continued coordination with WMATA, the State of Maryland, and the County. Amend the Master Plan of Transportation as necessary.

  • TM2.4 - Update the Transit Services Operating Plan (TSOP) to reflect the Plan 2035 future land use plan and local and regional transit planning initiatives.

  • TM2.5 - Continue close coordination with MTA through the final engineering and construction of the Purple Line to ensure proper streetscape improvements, multimodal access, and station amenities.

  • TM2.6 - Invest in technology upgrades to modernize and improve transit experience and use.