Policy 7

Promote the use of low-carbon transportation methods countywide to improve air quality and traffic congestion. Public investment that supports innovative infrastructure systems should be targeted at Downtowns.

  • TM7.1 - Develop a countywide strategy that promotes the use of alternative fuel vehicles. This includes facilities for plug-in electric vehicles on streets and in parking facilities. Amend codes and standards to implement policies and strategies.

  • TM7.2 - Develop a priority parking initiative for alternative fuel and carpooling vehicles at County buildings, commuter parking lots, and other popular areas to encourage the use of alternative fuel vehicles and carpooling countywide.

  • TM7.3 - Continue to incorporate alternative fuel vehicles into County agency fleets.

  • TM7.4 - Promote technology upgrades in Downtowns and the Innovation Corridor that encourage telecommuting opportunities for regional employers.