Policy 8

Ensure that minimum and maximum parking requirements for transit-accessible areas are appropriate to advance the overall goals of Plan 2035.

  • TM8.1 - 
    • Revise the parking regulations of the Zoning Ordinance for transit-accessible areas to establish both minimum and maximum parking space requirements
    • Incorporate bicycle parking regulations (including parking and storage requirements)
    • Provide guidance for the location and design of off-street parking facilities (including both surface lots and structured parking)
    • Amend parking space size, phasing, and loading area requirements to address urbanizing areas
    • Add incentives and regulations for electric car charging areas and automobile and bicycle share programs
    • Strengthen links to landscaping, screening, and tree canopy coverage requirements for parking areas
  • TM8.2 - 
    • Support parking reduction strategies such as shared parking
    • Transportation demand management strategies and programs
    • Car and bike share programs
    • New sidewalk and trail connections between transit facilities and residential and employment areas in the Regional Transit Districts, the Innovation Corridor, and Local Centers
  • TM8.3 - Eliminate minimum parking requirements in Downtowns.