Policy 5

Preserve and enhance existing forest and tree canopy coverage levels.

  • NE5.1 - Prepare a comprehensive forest and tree canopy coverage strategy that supports Plan 2035’s vision, goals, and development pattern.
  • NE5.2 - Identify strategies in the Regional Transit Districts that will increase the tree canopy coverage by utilizing green roofs and environmental site design. Amend ordinances as necessary to implement the strategies.
  • NE5.3 - Annually evaluate tree canopy and woodland conservation metrics. This includes data on fee-in-lieu, off-site tree plantings, and mitigation. Report findings to the Planning Board, County agencies, and elected officials.
  • NE5.4 - Update the 2005 Green Infrastructure Plan to reflect updates and amendments to the regulated areas. This update should include policies and strategies that support the Plan 2035 development pattern and increase green infrastructure connectivity throughout the County, and should delineate Natural Resource and Climate Change Impact Areas pursuant to the PlanMaryland’s Preservation/Conservation Planning Areas.
  • NE5.5 - Integrate into the work programs of all County agencies the priority status of the designated green infrastructure network as the County’s highest priority areas for preservation, restoration and enhancement of natural resources.