Downtown Prince George’s

The designation of Downtowns is the first of two transformative Plan 2035 recommendations. Downtowns are areas best positioned to develop - in the near-term - into vibrant, walkable, regional-serving centers. Each area will have:

  • Distinct Sense of Place and Identity
  • Diverse, Mixed-Income Communities
  • Multimodal Transportation Network
  • Robust Economic and Employment Base
  • Varied Housing Stock


As discussed under Guiding Principles, investment in each Downtown will be coordinated and strategically targeted to expand the County’s commercial tax base by attracting and retaining new employers and workers, leveraging private investment, and capitalizing on transit-oriented development opportunities.


Each Downtown will serve as a model for future regionally-competitive, mixed-use development across the County. Plan 2035 designates the following as the County’s first Downtowns:

  • Largo Town Center Metro
  • New Carrollton Metro
  • Prince George’s Plaza Metro

The designation of Downtowns will evolve over time. As Downtowns meet housing and employment targets, new Downtowns should be added to the Strategic Investment Program. These new Downtowns should be transit-oriented.