Policy 11

Research and apply urban design best practices during the master plan process and when evaluating development proposals.

  • HD11.1 - Explore the use of LEED® for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) rating system, which provides comprehensive sustainable design strategies and metrics, to ensure that development projects meet the Plan 2035 Natural Environment goal.

  • HD11.2 - Promote the use of the Planning Assistance to Municipalities and Communities Program as a tool to complete small-scale urban design analyses to address urban design challenges and opportunities.

  • HD11.3 - Initiate urban design contests to explore innovative products, such as accessory units, eco-communities, co-housing, and modern multifamily units.

  • HD11.4 - Expand the use of 3D modeling to visualize and evaluate urban design proposals during the master plan process, development review, and when siting public buildings.

  • HD11.5 - Prepare streetscape analyses of roadways and the adjacent public realm, as appropriate, to identify implementation strategies, such as adding bike lanes, widening sidewalks, or planting street trees to support Complete Street recommendations.

Related Policies & Strategies

See Policies 3 and 4 in the Housing Element for Universal Design and Housing Types for Vulnerable Populations.