Policy 6

Support Formula 2040: Master Plan for Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces to connect County residents to recreation facilities and programs, improve the health of County residents, and contribute to the County’s economy.  

  • PF6.1 - Move to a new model of multi-generational centers with aquatics components.

  • PF6.2 - Evaluate existing recreation centers and aquatic facilities for reinvestment and repositioning.

  • PF6.3 - Adopt new park land, recreation, and aquatics service standards.

  • PF6.4 - Implement a new model for parks and recreation in urban communities.

  • PF6.5 - Adopt comprehensive design guidelines to provide consistent standards for publicly- and privately-developed parks and recreation facilities and promote a unified approach to park development.

  • PF6.6 - Develop signature facilities/attractions as high-profile visitor destinations.

  • PF6.7 - Enact an adequate public facilities test that integrates parks with other public facility needs generated by new development.

  • PF6.8 - Update the parkland dedication ordinance to more effectively grow the park and recreation system and reduce uncertainty in the development process.