Policy 8

Reinforce the recommendations of Plan 2035 in the County’s new water and sewer plan by designating water and sewer categories that support the County’s growth management goals.

  • PF8.1 - Through the annual water and sewer amendment process, review the areas identified as Future Water and Sewer Service Areas on the Growth Policy Map to determine if water and sewer designations should revert to S5. Criteria for reverting water and sewer categories shall be developed in conjunction with the Prince George’s County Planning Department, the Department of Natural Resources, and Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC), and will also be included in the County’s water and sewer plan.

  • PF8.2 - Ensure and maintain the integrity of the sewer envelope by annually reviewing the water and sewer amendments for conformity with Plan 2035 and not expanding the water and sewer service area boundary to the rural and agricultural areas.