The Innovation Corridor

Policy 2

Support the development of the Innovation Corridor around the College Park-U of MD and Greenbelt Metro Stations and along US 1 (Baltimore Avenue) and MD 193 (Greenbelt Road).

  • PA2.1 - Define the boundaries of, and develop an implementation plan for, the Innovation Corridor to identify specific programs and investments required to meet the needs of the County’s premier regional employment area. The lead agencies for this effort are the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation and the Prince George’s County Planning Department. 
  • PA2.2 - Designate the Innovation Corridor for tax incentives and targeted infrastructure improvements to retain existing and attract new employers. New infrastructure may include advanced information and communication technology infrastructure, shared parking, bike amenities and lanes, sidewalks, public facilities, and other amenities to support research and development entities and enhanced access to public transportation. 
  • PA2.3 - Coordinate with the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation; the University of Maryland, College Park; Beltsville Agricultural Research Center; NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; College Park, Greenbelt, Riverdale Park, and Berwyn Heights civic and business organizations; and regional, state, and federal agencies to build on and leverage synergies between technology and healthcare and life science firms, business incubators, and research facilities.