Neighborhood Reinvestment Areas

Policy 3

Adequately fund neighborhood revitalization programs and coordinate resources to revitalize targeted neighborhoods.

  • NA3.1 - Identify and apply existing County, state, and federal programs to address housing blight, commercial disinvestment, vandalism, and related issues.
  • NA3.2 - As part of the Plan 2035 Annual Report evaluate identified Neighborhood Reinvestment Areas to determine if new neighborhoods should be designated and if existing designated neighborhoods should be removed as they stabilize. Use the County’s Residential Market Value Analysis Study as a tool to assist with this evaluation.
  • NA3.3 - Develop implementation plans for designated Neighborhood Reinvestment Areas with specific goals and action items to ensure recommendations are enacted.
  • NA3.4 - Establish a long-term plan to commit County funding and resources, such as those from the Redevelopment Authority, to stabilize neighborhoods and municipalities and rehabilitate transitional communities before they qualify as Neighborhood Reinvestment Areas. Incorporate grant application partnerships, coordination with County agencies on critical infrastructure (such as sidewalks, street repair, and street lights), and infill development projects to spur reinvestment. Use the County’s Residential Market Value Analysis Study to help target investments.