Policy 3

Maintain Level of Service (LOS) standards for roads and highways as identified by Plan 2035.

  • TM3.1 - Apply the LOS standards in Table 21 for the analysis of vehicular traffic congestion in the findings of adequate transportation facilities. Amend the Adopted Transportation Review Guidelines to reflect the new transportation service areas established by Plan 2035.

  • TM3.2 - Evaluate the LOS standards for all modes in Regional Transit Districts to determine appropriate levels of service.

  • TM3.3 - Create and maintain a comprehensive list of transportation improvements identified by the adequate public facilities analysis for development applications to assist with the prioritization of transportation capital projects. Improvements shall be identified by location using Geographic Information Systems to allow for future analysis of capital projects and pipeline development.

  • TM3.4 - The Planning Board’s Transportation Review Guidelines shall be reviewed and updated as needed to incorporate best multimodal practices during the implementation of the strategies in Plan 2035 and adopted and approved master plans and sector plans, as well as future amendments to the Master Plan of Transportation (MPOT).

  • TM3.5 - Adopt a single set of multimodal LOS standards (superseding the standards for each mode) at a future time when multimodal LOS analysis procedures have been fully accepted. The Planning Board should amend its Transportation Review Guidelines to utilize the new multimodal standards and analysis procedures at that time.

  • TM3.6 - Evaluate projects proposed in the County’s Capital Improvement Program using the LOS standards in Table 20.