Scenario Planning

Plan 2035 designed a scenario-planning tool to help identify a preferred County growth scenario. It utilized specialized, interactive software to help stakeholders understand how our decisions today impact our priorities in the future and to analyze the impacts of potential countywide growth options or “scenarios.”

Data Analyzed

The scenario planning game tested various assumptions to see how well outcomes matched stakeholders’ 20-year vision for the future.

Potential Growth Scenarios

The game mapped and analyzed six potential growth scenarios focused on stakeholders’ preferences regarding where they would like to see the majority of the County’s future residential growth locate. The six scenarios included options for the majority of future residential growth to occur:

  • Inside the Capital Beltway
  • Inside the suburbs (outside the Capital Beltway)
  • Evenly throughout the County

These options were combined with the option to prioritize new residential growth in four of the County’s existing 27 centers.

Polled Results

The game was accessed by approximately 1,046 visitors, the majority of whom identified themselves as residents of Prince George’s County. User priorities were ranked and recorded. The "Keep My Neighborhood As Is" option ranked the highest.

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When website users were asked to rank the scenarios, the "Grow Primarily in the Beltway With Prioritized Centers" earned the highest ranking, with an average score of 4.44 on a scale of 1 to 5.

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