Strategic Investment Program

Priority Strategies 

The Plan 2035 vision hinges on our commitment to strategically prioritize and target our resources. To that end, Plan 2035 includes critical initiatives, policies, and strategies for a new Strategic Investment Program to help implement the priorities laid out in the Strategic Investment Map; to guide federal, state, and county investment; and to provide a framework for the development of new plans, programs, and regulations. 

The Strategic Investment Map (see Map 16) targets public sector funding and incentives to four areas: Downtown Prince George’s, the Innovation Corridor , Neighborhood Revitalization Areas, and Priority Preservation Areas. Please see the Blueprint for Tomorrow section for a detailed descriptions of these priority areas. 

Where Do We Begin: Critical Initiatives

Plan 2035 includes a range of strategies important to the future of Prince George’s County that, not surprisingly, cannot all be pursued simultaneously (many face financial, staffing, and/or programmatic challenges while others, by nature, involve gradual change). To focus County efforts, the Plan 2035 Strategic Investment Program highlights three initiatives that should be integrated into the County’s work programs and budget immediately following Plan 2035’s approval (see below). Not only do these initiatives underpin the Strategic Investment Program’s policies and strategies, but they will move Prince George’s County toward its overall vision by yielding high economic returns and enhancing public services. 

Plan 2035 Critical initiatives: 

1. Update the Prince George’s County Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances 

In order to begin implementation of Plan 2035, we must first undertake a comprehensive update of the County’s Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances to modernize, streamline, and simplify the County’s regulatory environment. Plan 2035 strategies that should be considered during the update are listed in Table 28.

2. Focus on the Downtowns and the Innovation Corridor

As targeted areas best suited to become economic engines and models for future development in the County, we must focus County funding and programmatic support for the next five years on our three designated Downtowns—the Prince George’s Plaza Metro, New Carrollton Metro, Largo Town Center Metro—and the Innovation Corridor. Policies and strategies specific to these areas are listed below (see Priority Policies and Strategies). 

The Branch Avenue Metro and Suitland Metro Regional Transit Districts have been identified as the second round of Downtowns for Prince George’s County. Implementation of the second round of Downtowns should begin as soon as the first round of Downtowns have achieved their growth and development goals and are removed from the Strategic Investment Program.

3. Coordinate Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Review

We must annually coordinate the review of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) across all county agencies to align the priorities set forth in Plan 2035 with County programs and operating budgets. As part of this process, we must prioritize investments in publicly funded infrastructure and facilities that are consistent with the Strategic Investment Map.